XYZParaGear is the trading name of Having a passion for flying, we came up with the idea to use 3D Printing to make great paragliding accessories (gear of equipment) for our friends in the paragliding community :)

This idea was born early in 2016 but it was December before we finished building our first 3D-Printer and in January 2017, achieved our first, high-quality print - a Globe :)

Today’s products are the result of lots of hard work throughout 2017 and 2018 constantly improving our 3D computer modelling skills, testing materials and new designs, allowing us to start 2019 with improvements to our current products and to launch Re-Pare DESK.

We’d like to send out a big >>THANK YOU<< to all our friends and supporters - keep your ideas coming in and have fun, fly safe.




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  • CIRO

    Aleksandar Cirkovic

    front man
     paragliding instructor & 3d printing maker

    In the paragliding since 2005. Official paragliding pilot since 2011, official tandem pilot since 2015, official paragliding instructor since 2017 :)

    Founder of Sport Union “Arilje extreme sport`s”, Founder of “ParaglidingSerbia.Com &” portal and main designer and maker of all Us product :)

  • IVAN
  • SEAD

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  • SALE 2019


    1. Professional line
    2. Globe
    3. Acro Full size handle


    1. United States of America
    2. Holland
    3. Bosnia and Hercegovina

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  • Info 2019

    01.01.2019 - After Christmas discount we are decide that price still frozen up to the 01.04.2019 Ojha :)

    04.01.2019 - We wish all the best in the New 2019 to you dear fellow pilots :) And we are start the New Year with new version 7 of Us tfc-config. Version is compatible with LK8000 V6.1 and for all new including version 7.1 witch will be published up to the end of January.

    14.01.2019 - We are on the final testing new product with pre-production name “Re-pair pad”, and that tool is design as helper for repair damaged paragliding canvas :) Up to the now we are struggle to put two part of damaged canvas one up to the second and glue it with rip-stop :) Re-pair pad is design and make from 3d printing plastic integrated with steel plate from the one side and from the second 3d printed body with neo-dynium magnets .. Very soon We will put more information about that, and we hope that all testing and final product will be ready up to the Mart 2019 :)

    29.01.2019 - NOTICE for all TFC user and all fellow who use Kobo devices as flight computer: Due the secure protocol on the Internet all user of those system must upgrade KOBO firmware. After 28.02.2019 all who is not do that and in the case of the factory reset of the device will can`t continue to use the device
    Us TFC user are get on the mail procedure what to do step by step. If some of the fellow have problem We can help you with procedure, write Us on the e-mail:

    04.02.2019 - Start working on the new customer pages on the serbian - croatian language. We except very soon that We will work and on the other world language for benefit of all paragliding communities.

    03.03.2019 - We are so happy, for the first time tonight We are printed with two printers at the same time :)

    01.05.2019 - We are back to the summer price and off course we will back and on the promotion SALE discount. The first discount will be from 005.2019 up to
    31.05.2019 and it will be special price for PROFESSIONAL USE (Re-packer and Re-pare desk) :)

    06.05.2019 - We are finish modeling new generation of CompeCommander and name will be Come2Commander.

    15.05.2019 - Compe2Commander is ready for production. After modeling and modeling and testing and testing We are define the final shape and size :) ... More info ...

    31.07.2019  Tfc_config 71 is ready for download. New version is compatible with LK8000 71c.

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