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   Short Description: Re-packer is product witch is primary target to help you in the reserve re-packing procedure and carry for you line.
   How it is made? Re-packer is made from PLA filament with integrated metal nut an metal screw which will provide a long time use :)
   What is in the package?
Re-packer have next part: 1x frame (with integrated metal nut), 1x door for separate central from lest and right side line on the reserve, 6x stative with integrated metal nut and one screw for fix frame on the 2cm table.


X size

Z size

Y size

Stative screw lenght

Fix Table thickness

Door lock trail

190 mm

79 mm

173 mm

3 mm

2 cm

10 mm


Technical and  part list:

Installation procedure:

Safety notice:


NOTE for seller

55 euro

+ price policy

Production and shipment time: 1-2 work day.
Post-office shipment:

* Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia (5-8 work day)

* Switzerland, Germany, Holland, France, Italy (7-10 work day)

* United States of America (10-15 work day)

* United Arab Emirates (14-21 work day)

* Hong Kong (21-28 work day)
* Litvia (28-35 work day)

Price police: All prices what you are see on the site is without shipping cost (for product up to 40 euro it is 10% and more then 40 euro it is 8%), shipping is with traditional post-office. And Fee.(3.4% PayPal Fee + 2% cross border transaction + 0.35 euro PayPal fixed fee)



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