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Project is made as non-commercial.


Non-commercial because in his development is not included all Us time to exploring, searching for the best hardware and the best software solution and for benefit of paragliding community, of course, that solution can be used and with other btw in the all flight for all pilot as information service:) Not for IFR use :(
TFC_V1 and V2 have the same hardware solution and only changes are in the case. TFC v1 has a small sensor cover and in the middle of 2017 come new V2 who have integrated new 3d printed full plastic cover :)

TFC_V3 comes with three option: Standard, Lora, and Flarm. And all upgrade is available for every model to every model.




For perfect visible in the sun, we decide to work with Kobo as a base device. On the Kobo serial port, we are integrated height sensitive GPS and variometer module, and for cover him we are providing 3d printed plastic what perfect fit on the all Us solution:)

The first is make as hand made product and we are changing the original Kobo mini plastics and we are added one 3d printed cover for GPS and pressure sensors.

The second-generation or version comes with a bigger plastic cover witch allow users to add more battery, more electronic like Flarm, etc.

The third and from Juny of 2019 (actual generation) comes with full multifunction plastic-covered. That mean, now We can provide upgrade all hardware additions in the same case :) Also, a new software solution is from airwhere.co.uk.






Model description



Standard version is with hardware solution: Kobo GLO device + BlueFlyVario GPS and pressure sensor.
Hardware specification: Kobo GLO as man device, BlueFlyVario as main sensor data and XYZParaGear hardware 3D printed case.
Software specification: Lk8000 kobo version and tfc_config like Us product :)

250.00 Euro


Standard with addition Lora RF detection system by airwhere.co.uk and Us fotoprint PCB.
Hardware specification: Addition XYZParaGear PCB board, ESP 8266 board and Lora RF SX1286 modul.
Software specification: Airwhere.co.uk solution

300.00 Euro


Standard with addition FLARM detection system by airwhere.co.uk and Us fotoprint PCB.
Hardware specification: Addition XYZParaGear PCB board, ESP 8266 board and FLARM modul.
Software specification: Airwhere.co.uk solution

350.00 Euro

Choice model:

NOTE: Model with LORA RF and model with FLARM chip will be available for order up to the end of August 2019.




The best choice for Linux Kobo device and OS as the flight computer is LK8000 open-source software. As you know, many configurations of the LK8000 software is available only from the device and lot off think can be done with other software. For that reason, We are trying to develop Us solution for a more easy way to manipulate with all user data :)




Product is based as non-commercial because in his development it is not included all-time for re-search for optimal open-source software and hardware solution. Also, it is not included all-time witch we are using for Us configuration tool tfc_config :)

In the price, it is included only Us time to assemble all hardware on the one package ...

Like all Us, price is in the local store and for buy on the Internet, We add all PayPal fee and shipping cost.


Standard shipment is up to the 4 weeks after order. This time, We will use to order all component and to prepare to assemble.
For shipment quicker now please write Us, only if we have assembled or We already wait for component delivery.


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