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Project is make as non commercial. Why? Non commercial because in his development is not included all Us time to exploring, searching for a best hardware and the best software solution and for benefit of paragliding community, of course that solution can be used and with other btw in the all flight for all pilot as information service:) Not for IFR use :(

TFC_V1 and new V2 have same hardware solution and only changes is in the case. TFC v1 have a small sensor cover and in the middle of 2017 come new V2 who have integrated new 3d printed full plastic cover :)




For perfect visible in the sun we are decide to work with Kobo mini as a base device. On the Kobo serial port we are integrated height sensitive GPS and variometer module, and for cover him we are provide 3d printed plastic what perfect fit on the Kobo mini main plastic :)

First and actual version is make as hand made product and we are change the orginal Kobo mini plastics and we are added one 3d printed cover for GPS and pressure sensors.

We are planing to make one more version with 3d Printed house and in that solution we will not have this 3d printed house for sensor and all part will be in the one flat area like all other device :) For that We need a little bit finance to provide all necessary equipment, we hope so that will be ready in the middle of 2017.

Integration of sensor is also make by hand link to the serial input at Kobo mainboard :)




First we are install open source project LK8000. What is very powerful analytical software witch is compatible with linux kobo system :) For implementation all LK8000 configure file we are make Us own PC software TFC config.




Product is based as non commercial and price is 250 euro + shipping. Delivery is maximum 60 days from the day of payment. Commonly it is need 4 week for delivery all part to Us and 1 week to delivery to You :)

Commercial price is 350 euro + shipping. Delivery immediately only if we have piece for  on the stock. Please write Us for that information shop@xyzparagear.com

In the bouth price are not included all time witch we are benefit for development this device.

In the first price is included only cost of components + Us time to assembling and installing all parts of device.

In the second price beside component + us time to assembling are included and Us money for bye component all wait for yours call :)

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Tactical Flight Computer


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